Our Mission


At Grace, we believe that learning starts from birth. We value diversity and allowing children to learn through play and sensory activities. Academic growth is an important part of everything we do, and our teachers are committed to developing quality lesson plans to meet developmental milestones. Our Toddler and 3’s classes use Easy Breezy curriculum to learn colors, shapes, letters and numbers. Pre-K uses Starfall curriculum to lay a solid foundation for phonics, reading, and math concepts. Kindergarten to Second uses Horizons curriculum for phonics, reading, and math. We also offer extracurricular activities; Music and Movement, Spanish, Library, Science, and Art. Our desire is for all students to develop a lifelong love of learning.


It is important for children to not only learn about the world around them, but also how to interact within that world. Encouraging healthy relational skills with peers,  parents, and teachers are vital to their growth and equips them with the necessary tactics for future relationships ranging from adolescence through adulthood. Our teachers encourage students to use kind words, play fairly with others, model and role play conflict resolution, use manners and show respect for everyone. We try to encourage a sense of community within the classroom by encouraging students to assume responsibility in daily classroom operations, such as serving snack, assisting with passing out supplies, calendar helper, etc.


At Grace, we love to have fun and be silly together. Regardless of cultural differences or diverse family situations, we demonstrate and encourage love, acceptance and respect for everyone we come in contact with. Students at Grace know that someone cares for them and have a deep understanding that they are safe, loved and secure.


Grace’s educational philosophy includes building a strong moral foundation in children. This is accomplished through character development lessons such as kindness, integrity, excellence, and of course grace! Chapel is held on Wednesday mornings at 8:30 a.m. It is a time to sing and dance together, and hear a brief story from the Bible. We encourage scripture memorization each week. Our students really enjoy this time of learning together.